Monday, July 16, 2012

Damn Dishes! (Pardon my damn French)

I don't take it back, that's really how I feel about it. 

Once again I find myself wearing my favorite "Ignore it" goggles. (You know, the ones that make everything I SHOULD be doing invisible so that I can do the things I SHOULDN'T be doing instead) Don't get me wrong, I take cleaning VERY seriously... on the rare occasion that I actually do it. But for some reason when the dishes get so high that they start spilling out of the sink and onto either side of the counter it becomes a task that is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE. (And if you think I'm using the CAPS LOCK a little freely maybe you don't really understand how CAPS LOCK I feel about those STUPID dishes) I'm starting to consider seriously the repercussions of throwing them all away and just buying new ones...

I just want to sit comfortably on my cushy couch (ignore skillfully the cracker crumbs from the kids snack which the ants seem to have discovered), eat tasty pastries with names like "Cheese Danish" and "Cherry Tart", watch some dreamy blue eyed, blond haired, make me giggle he's so hot "Mentalist" and pretend that the kids aren't fighting in the other room. I don't really think I'm asking so much.

I'm a flexible person though, so I would also settle for a maid/chef/babysitter/mentalist.

So... maybe I'm not that flexible.


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